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Working Hands for Bicola Charity Fashion Party at Prince of Jaifur-The Fort on April 18, 2007

Update on Bicol Update on Bicol

Though it’s silent, there are still people in Bicol who have not recovered from the effects of Typhoons Reming & Typhoon Milenyo that hit last 2006. This includes those who were ejected from their homes by mudflow from Mayon Volcano in Albay. The affected victims of the disaster were projected to be more than 1 Million. Currently, the victims still needs the following support:

1) Food: Rice, they prefer rice over canned goods and noodles.

2) Relocation: For Mayon Volcano Mudflow victims in Albay.

3) Shelter: A Gawad Kalinga house costs PhP 60,000 and a Sawali house, PhP 5,000.

4) Livelihood: The farmers of Camarines Norte and Sur need seeds and fertilizers to restart planting. While the mudflow victims of Albay lost their farmlands so they are in need of new ways to earn a living. Volunteer Agriculturists are needed in Bicol to teach new ways of planting aside from rice or coconut since their lands are gone. Volunteer Finance and Accounting Professionals are needed to teach how to manage their funds. Volunteer Micro financer for lending and NGO’s who can help organize cooperatives.

5) Psychologists: The first few months the victims need only counseling but now several months after they need treatment for Trauma.

6) Education: Over 90% of Elementary and High School classrooms were destroyed and most are still not rebuilt. Fortunately two (2) of the biggest corporations in the country has pledged to rebuild this classrooms…

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